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The artists that coincide
here, share a rapture for
an experimental approach
to sound. Genre boundaries
are irrelevant.
Ludwig Wittbrodt - Schleifen
Out March 1st, 2024
The Duo Ludwig Wittbrodt, that‘s Emily Wittbrodt on cello and Edis Ludwig on laptop and drums. The two develop a thicket of sounds and melodies that absorbs us in a completely unpretentious way and fills us with associations and warmth. We are reminded of the achievements of both Krautrock and Neue Musik, of early electronic music as well as Drone and Ambient.

At first glance, Emily and Edis seem to be an unequal couple. She has an academic background as a cellist, he is self-taught with his main instrument being computer and programming. She is active in Free Jazz, he drums with the rock band Düsseldorf Düsterboys. On the other hand, both have been active in the Free Improv scene in the german Rhine-Ruhr region for years - for example in ensembles such as The Dorf or Hilde (Emily) and Nasssau or Transport (Edis). This is the duo‘s second album.
digital only
Ana Ott · Ott Stuff
Out December 1st, 2023
Limpe Fuchs - Alloa
LP, digital
The composer, percussionist and instrument builder Limpe Fuchs has spent six decades exploring the outer limits of sound and its effects on the listener. Born in Munich in 1941, Fuchs is part of a generation of German artists who sought radical new approaches to art, music and social organisation in the period following the Second World War.

Alloa, Bavarian for alone. Limpe likes to be alone, because she is never lonely. When she is not on concert tours, she cultivates the garden in front of the door or playfully handles her instruments in the house. Among these has recently been a restored concert grand piano, which she found orphaned at a performance venue in Switzerland and rescued from being scrapped in Peterskirchen. Since then it has been the center of Limpe's attention, is played daily, and can be heard on the recordings of this LP.